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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the train stop.

By: Anthony Webb

I never thought I would have a life changing event occur to me that centered around litter. One day while waiting on the train at Queen Lane station, I watch an older gentleman pick up several pieces of litter and placing them in the trash can. I was amazed, this act of community just stunned me. I looked around to see if he was connected to a group or agency, but nope he was alone. Just a mere citizen doing his part to make Germantown a better place. I need to state I have picked up other people’s litter as part as a group project with other fellow litter pickers with me, but never a solo act. I know I sound silly, but this person’s act of community moved me so much that I became a solo litter picker upper myself. If he could pick up someone else’s litter so could I. It always easier when you are in a group doing something and everyone is cheering your effort. Solo acts of community lack the audience but can provide a sense of pride within self. So, I applaud this individual who helped changed my perception, his act made me look at my role in the community different. I realized I do have a role to play as a person who lives in Germantown, it’s to make this place a better place to live one piece of litter at a time.

"Webb" has been a resident of Germantown since 1998.  Presently, one of his roles in the community is to facilitate the GREAT study & discussion group.  


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