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A time bank in Germantown

Help each other thrive and prosper.

A time bank is a “tool” that helps people in a community work together more like a village. 


Time bank members offer their skills, talents, and favors, and in exchange get to benefit from the skills, talents, and favors provided by other members. It’s a little bit like barter except that it’s not for “goods,” and since the time bank logs your hours, you can earn hours from one member and spend them with another, rather than having to exchange with just one person. 

GREAT's time bank has about 70 members and counting. Members meet at monthly gatherings and a website helps to track and facilitate the exchanges.

Take a look at the links below and SIGN UP HERE. Help is available for using the website. 

If you're new to this and have questions, email gtowntimebank@gmail.com or call 215-703-7707.


is Saturday, April 11th


at 5316 Wayne Ave (community health/safety depending)

Monthly gathering for members of Germantown's time bank, and others who are curious about it. Everyone can bring a dish or beverage, and together we get to share in a delicious meal.

Learn more about time banking with these videos:
Approx. 9 minutes                                              Approx. 1 hour