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The structure of this event will be mostly casual and unstructured. It's a chance to learn more about where we're at with this project, what kind of help is needed, and to talk to other folks in the time bank. There will be times where we gather up who's there and have a semi-facilitated conversation together (about what the time bank is, about why it's meaningful, how we are going forward), but otherwise, you can pop in and out, do your thing!

We warmly welcome sharing of food and beverages at this event. Please let us know if you can bring something to share; it doesn't matter how many people it would feed-- big / small, all is good!

Please RSVP here

A time bank in Germantown

Help each other thrive and prosper.

A time bank is a “tool” that helps people in a community work together more like a village. 


Time bank members offer their skills, talents, and favors, and in exchange get to benefit from the skills, talents, and favors provided by other members. It’s a little bit like barter except that it’s not for “goods,” and since the time bank logs your hours, you can earn hours from one member and spend them with another, rather than having to exchange with just one person. 

GREAT's time bank has about 100 members and counting.

In 2019 members were meeting at monthly potluck gatherings and a website called Hourworld helped to track and facilitate the exchanges.

At this time we are not pushing members to "do time banking." Our dear time bank was just getting started before COVID began, which really threw off our momentum. The project became quite dormant, but we know it still has serious potential. Through the Spring and Summer of 2023, we are breathing life back into the time bank and will Re-Launch in the Fall of 2023.

We'll have an informational and reconnecting gathering on Saturday, June 10th, which will be followed by a series of potlucks and other activities to get folks together, as a step toward the Re-Launch. We're looking for help with all of the above. To receive a reminder for the June 10th event, sign up here.

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Learn more about time banking with these videos:
Approx. 9 minutes                                              Approx. 1 hour

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