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Event facilitators will provide a few prompts for discussion in small groups and for the whole room. Folks who participated in GREAT's recent Learning Circle on housing & beloved community will also share some of their experiences and learning moments.

How might we use our individual and collective power to stop, slow, reverse displacement in Germantown? (Power might include knowledge, voice, and resources like time, money, property.. what else?) And what would it take to do these things?


A committee meets to come up with ways to address housing, displacement, and gentrification. We've hosted a Gentrification and Displacement Teach-In, a Tangled Title Clinic, and discussion about ways the community can prevent displacement. The latter led to the formation of our Community Connectors group. We also submitted recommendations to the Jumpstart Germantown program.


The committee meets fairly regularly and is open to new members. No experience in organizing or housing work is required! But any of these skills are helpful:

- long history of lived experience in Germantown

- talking to people

- ability to share personal experience with housing challenges,

- awareness of bias against renters,

- distributing information by foot,

- sharing info on social media,

- problem-solving and thinking creatively,

- bringing different people’s ideas together,

- knowledge of development in Germantown,

- or connecting neighbors to resources and info.


At the moment, we are about to start a learning circle so that we can build a strategy for effective community participation in the development process.

In February 2022, Webb and Lindsay from the Housing Committee were interviewed on the Info Hub Radio Hour to discuss the learning circle. Listen in here.

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