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This will be a community-building, idea-sparking event. By the end, we will have a holistic vision for Germantown where there's a future of abundance, we will have planted the seeds for that future, and we will have some next steps for going in that direction. 

Everyone will participate (as they feel comfortable) in co-creating the vision for Germantown. We will go back and forth between small group facilitated discussions of about 5 people each, and then sharing back to the full group. 

In the small groups, we will do an activity to imagine the year 2030. Each group will come up with 1-2 ideas they will carry forward. Each small group will have a facilitator, note-taker, and speaker. 

Breakout room topics to choose from are: 
 - Food 
 - Health and medicine 
 - Build / fix / repair
 - Caring for / raising / educating children 
 - Community relationships / spiritual well-being


Open-ended questions will leave room for many ideas, but we want to focus this conversation on that which we can create or control at a community level, neighborhood level, block level, or even more intimate than that-- family, household, a small circle of friends. 

And we want to land on tangible activities-- specific and doable. For example: If we want stronger local food security, we may choose to start a food forest or a canning party club. 

We also want to keep the energy and tone hopeful. Let's not get stuck on problems, and instead focus our attention on solutions and possibilities that draw us in! 

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                           for the Germantown Visioning & Collective Action Assembly

Video clips from a small group visioning meeting in July

Howard on why we need a vision

Howard on mutual aid and self-help groups

Howard on "our story" 

A compilation of the visions everyone shared



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