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This past year, beginning with a conversation with Community Legal Services in October 2020, GREAT's Housing Committee has engaged in an effort to reduce predatory home buying and to make people in Germantown who might be at risk, more aware of resources available to them. The ultimate goal is to help neighbors in Germantown keep their homes. 

On this page, you'll find info about what predatory home buying is and how it impacts residents and the larger community. We have visuals, links to informational pamphlets, videos, poems, and more. Take a look, and if you want to get more involved, email


The materials below are from Community Legal Services. We are using this info to help people be more informed about their options, and to reduce sales that take wealth from the community and harm individuals in the process. Help us get the postcards out by giving them to people on your block, your church, or local businesses. See pick-up location above.   


Share the link to this page so folks can watch the video and learn more about how this works. The video is from our October Community connectors meeting. Kate Dugan from CLS (also a Germantown resident) shares. 

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Before You Sell Postcard w COVID 19 inta
Before You Sell Postcard w COVID 19 inta

The question is? 

A poem by Anthony Webb, member of GREAT's Housing Committee

Where do you want me to live?

I’ve seen new construction down the street,

Corner boys have been replaced by

dog walkers wearing earbuds pushing scrollers,

The Fresh Brew coffee shop just opened up

in the old BBQ joint,

Oh how I long for a rib dinner,

Trash cans have appeared on the avenue

Now garbage has somewhere to hide...

who knew?

People who do not look like me

are seen jogging in the street,

Are they visiting or will they stay?

Old lady Jones moved out the other day

Oh where oh where did she go?

Will I be next?

Being me is beginning to cost too much now,

My lease needs to be renewed

But.....can I?

I want to stay but it could be

cheaper to go,

If go was a place…indeed

Anyway… Can I stay with you?

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