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An island

Yonique Myrie, GREAT Housing Organizer

This poem was written by Yonique after one of the first GREAT Wellness Check-Ins, a sometimes regularly-occurring gathering where folks in the group can share how they are doing personally, feeling, or support needed.

No man is an island ?

So they say

Lost  or  stranded ?

To be found

Any  day

Water in the  way

No swimming away

Staying a float

Balancing in it out

Drowning out thoughts

In the  abyss of  confusion

Of  what I  am ?

Of who I  am ?         

Soothing wave?

Deathly  wave?

A wave   of  a white flag

In the midst  of the  blue sea

Can you see me?

Hear me?

Are you near me?


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