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Join the Facebook group or email

Anyone in the group can initiate a canning meetup. Offer to host at your home, or offer to lead the group in learning/practicing a particular creation. Folks can work together to come up with the needed supplies and ingredients. We value collective and shared leadership.


For sharing photos and recipes, and coordinating canning gatherings in Germantown. We're using a loose definition of "canning" here, and this can include pickling and fermentation as well.

These are reasons that folks in the group shared about why they wanted to join Germantown Canning Club:

* Creating long lasting food, and fellowship

* Always wanted to try canning, but never felt that I knew enough

* Loved doing this when I was Lil wit grandma

* Learning about food preservation and connecting with community

* Preserving food from my garden and less waste

* I haven't had time lately to can. A group plan might help with that

* I didn't get the chance to learn home economics, also things are getting more expensive


A community resource / network organized by Germantown Residents for Economic Alternatives Together (GREAT).

GREAT has some items to share for gatherings organized through the Club:

- Canning kit which currently includes a big canning pot, jar grabber, a few knives, a few cutting boards, a few bowls (to borrow)

- New mason jars and lids

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