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Correction to flyer below: address is 45 W. Schoolhouse Ln.

Bringing fire safety & prevention to your neighbors

We created this workbook for our January 2024 Fire Safety & Prevention workshop, which you could use even if you didn't attend. Below are links to other resources, where you can find easily shareable flyers as well as other information for you and your neighbors:

National Fire Protection Association - Fire Safety Webinars & Videos, Tip Sheets (including candle safety, cooking safety, hoarding, high rise safety, and more), Toolkits, Safety Programs for Community Education, Articles & Research

How to Make a Home Fire Escape Plan

U.S. Fire Administration - Fire Safety Brochures, Publications (Including for Children), Training, check out their Home Fire Safety brochure

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - Fire Safety Brochures, Disaster Relief Assistance, Preparedness Grants

Philadelphia Office of Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Alerts, Safety & Emergency Preparedness Workshops, Family & Home Emergency Forms and Checklists, Go Bags, make an emergency plan

City of Philadelphia - Free smoke alarms

American Red Cross - Free smoke alarm installation


Philadelphia Fire Department - Fire Prevention Tips, Report Fire Code Violations, Find Your Fire Station, Let’s Talk Safety Radio Show

Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee - Recruitment and Resources for Block Captains

Germantown has multiple water sources. Learn where your home's water comes from by entering in your address on this interactive map, so that if there's a disruption in the water supply, you'll know if your home is affected or not.

5- rainbarrels.jpg

Folks from GREAT are featured in short films created by GreenTreks about flooding and emergency preparedness in Germantown. You can use these as an informational resource, and a start to an important community conversation:

4- where water comes from.jpg

Check out GREAT's Emergency Preparedness & Community Self-Reliance Guide
(this is a work in progress as we continue learning! and it leans on work already done by other groups)

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