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We are a group of Germantown neighbors seeking to be: in charge of our own food system, mutually dependent, and in harmony with the land. We believe in finding food-oriented solutions that generate trust in community, and we're embracing the motto that "there is always enough to go around" for everyone.    


   ** We are gathering together to share and build skills such as farming and gardening, canning and preserving, seed saving, and foraging.


   ** We host community events including seed exchanges and garden tours, and are starting collective gardening projects.

  ** We don't know everything, but we share what we know and help connect each other to new resources.

seed exchange 2024.jpg

In 2023, Calli, Christina, and Melissa from GREAT's Food & Seeds Committee started a container garden at the People's Lot.

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We began a food meet-up group Summer 2020 to discuss what we can do about food security. We were feeling the vulnerability of our food system, especially in light of what has occurred this year, and we wanted to find ways that we could not only survive, but thrive and prosper. 

We will be canning and doing other methods of food preservation like dehydrating, freezing, and fermenting. We will also plan for growing food, possibly start a food forest. We will use preparation and consumption as ways to further our connection, holistic health and well-being, and sustainability with food. Our seed exchange has become an annual event, and we hope to add a second yearly exchange in the Fall, as well as to do pop-up exchanges at other community events throughout growing season.

Here are photos from our first canning party in September 2020, where we made pickles and salsa: 
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