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The question is?

A poem by Anthony Webb, member of GREAT's Housing Committee

Where do you want me to live?

I’ve seen new construction down the street,

Corner boys have been replaced by

dog walkers wearing earbuds pushing scrollers,

The Fresh Brew coffee shop just opened up

in the old BBQ joint,

Oh how I long for a rib dinner,

Trash cans have appeared on the avenue

Now garbage has somewhere to hide...

who knew?

People who do not look like me

are seen jogging in the street,

Are they visiting or will they stay?

Old lady Jones moved out the other day

Oh where oh where did she go?

Will I be next?

Being me is beginning to cost too much now,

My lease needs to be renewed

But.....can I?

I want to stay but it could be

cheaper to go,

If go was a place…indeed

Anyway… Can I stay with you?

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