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Germantown Residents for Economic Alternatives Together (GREAT) is using our collective resources to grow food, share tools, support each other in times of need, organize around issues of housing justice, and strengthen our holistic health and well-being. Together we are co-creating systems rooted in social justice to shape a community that thrives on collective work and responsibility.  


We envision a Germantown community where: 

  • there is a local living economy that nurtures its people and takes care of the earth, 

  • neighbors have shifted from exploiting to expanding to create social justice and equity, 

  • we are nourished by indigenous ancestral wisdom traditions, and 

  • our collective resiliency, power, and resources, allows every neighbor who wishes to remain in Germantown to do so, and to thrive.









The image above is borrowed from Movement Generation's concept of a Just Transition and Living Economy.


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Core values & guiding principles


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GREAT is a grassroots neighborhood group and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, composed of several core committee-members, volunteers, and other leaders. A growing number of folks are now compensated for their work. We're all dedicating our time and energy to the group because we think it's important for us and our community. We keep our expenses as minimal as possible, but donations help to support costs for events and projects including trainings, facilitators, food and refreshments, childcare, etc. When we spend money, we are mindful of where that money is going and do our best to support the local economy. 

We are deeply grateful for

donations of all sizes. 

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